Backpack Ministry

Backpacks and supplies for children at Mary Feeser School


Saint David’s is a community with a passion for the Gospel and an essential part of any community is its connection and response to the larger community in which it lives. In short, a parish cannot thrive without an active outreach ministry.

To this end, beginning in 2015, Saint David’s undertook a project to supply backpacks and school supplies to students in need at Mary Feeser School, the elementary school across the street from our church. We combined donations from parishioners with a diocesan outreach grant and were able to collect school supplies, pack them in backpacks, and donate them to incoming kindergartners

We were blessed in 2016 to have been able to double our donation, giving also to incoming first-graders. We look forward to being able to expand this neighborhood ministry more and more in the years to come.


The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is active in all 8 Provinces of the Episcopal Church.  It is open to all women in the Episcopal Church and its purpose is to empower the women of the Episcopal Church to carry out Christ’s work throughout the world.

Nationally, the most well- known is the United Thank Offering where donations from the “little blue boxes” allow grants to be given throughout the world.

Within our Diocese, ECW participation by individual parishes varies.  St. David’s is one of the most active ECWs.  Our fundraisers include an annual garage sale, a Christmas Cookie Walk and Soup Luncheon, and our Shrove Tuesday Italian Supper.  Funds raised are returned to the community.  Previous recipients include St. Margaret’s House, St. John’s Food Pantry, Susanna’s Kitchen, ADEC, Osolo Township Trustee (for heating for the elderly), Salvation Army, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Mission trips to Honduras, Bishop’s and Rector’s Discretionary Funds (for charitable acts of mercy), Faith Mission, Humane Society, Alanon, and Loveway.   Since 1983, St. David’s ECW has given away over $100,000.

First Wednesday Community Dinner

Mealtime at St David’s

On the first Wednesday of each month (unless it is a holiday) the parish hosts the “First Wednesdays Soup Dinner” at 6:00 p.m.

It was initiated to help our surrounding neighbors when the economy took a severe dip and also to thank the community for being good neighbors.  The dinner is free and open to the public.  It is also a time for the parish family to sit around the dinner table, share our lives with each other, and to bond as a parish family.

Companeros en Christo

Companeros en Christo (Companions in Christ) is the name our of companion diocese committee. The Diocese of Honduras has been the companion diocese of the Diocese of Northern Indiana since 1996. Anyone with a heart for mission is welcome to join it. Our mission is to be the hands of Christ in Honduras. We strive to build relationships, share our gifts and to receive the gifts the people of Honduras have to offer.

Recent projects include installing a water treatment plant providing safe water for up to 4,000 people and supporting a health infrastructure project by building efficient stoves, pilas (water cisterns) and a latrine. Last year, a structure was build to house a sewing cooperative for the women in the village of Delicias del Norte. Over the years we helped to build three churches, a chapel and a day care center – “Los Amiguitos de Jesus”. We have donated Bibles, Spanish prayer books, medicine, medical supplies, medical tests, surgery and helped to plant gardens.

Michael Marcks, parishioner of St. David’s Episcopal Church, has participated in both this year’s and last year’s mission trips to Honduras. You can read Companeros’ blog at https://companerosencristo.blogspot.com/ .

Michael (far right) and friends in Honduras

Fixing meals in Honduras

Working with the children in Honduras








To join the Companeros en Christo, please email Tim Skimina at t-skimina@northwestern.edu.