Our Organ

Saint David’s has been blessed since 1989, with a beautiful Franz Heissler GmbH Tracker Organ. Her sister instrument can be found at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mishawaka, Indiana.

The Blessing and Dedication of the Instrument was on 15 December 1989, by the Right Reverend Francis C Gray, DD, VI Bishop of Northern Indiana.


I Manuel – Pedal Tracker
Franz Heissler GmbH
Markelsheim, German

Manual 54 Notes
Pedal 27 Notes


Manual I: C-f’’’
Gedackt 8’
Rohrflöte 4’
Principal 2’
Quinte 1 ⅓’

Pedal: C-d’
Subbaß 16’

Koppel: Manual – Pedal

Scleifladen – Spieltraktur mechanisch – Registertraktur mechanisch