First Wednesday Suppers

“Jesus said to them, ‘They need not go away; you give them something to eat.’” Matthew 14:16

In the wake of the 2008 economic crisis many in our community fell on tough financial times. With that in mind, some in our community realized that there are those who may have need of some extra help with meals, but due to false stigmatization, choose not to make use of our area food pantries. Out of this heart, the First Wednesday Supper program was born.

The first Wednesday of each month, members of the St. David’s family gather in the church at 6 PM providing what they can. Just as the disciples brought their five loaves and two fish to Jesus, who was able to take their offering and feed five-thousand, we each bring what little we can, so that all may eat and have their fill. There is no payment required nor dish necessary. All are welcome to simply COME AND BE FED.

Though not required of our guests, all are then invited to stay after supper as we come before the Lord for the sharing of the Holy Communion or close with Evening Prayer.

The purpose of the meal is not to preach but to feed. We all require both sustenance for the body and fellowship for the spirit. You are welcome. Come and be fed.