Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) groups seek to empower the women of The Episcopal Church to carry out Christ’s work throughout the world.

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of St. David’s parish is one of the most active in the Diocese of Northern Indiana. The women have projects throughout the year to raise funds for distribution back to the community.

Fundraisers include the annual Shrove Tuesday Italian Dinner, and Parish Garage Sale, as well as the Christmas Cookie Walk and Soup Luncheon.

Funds have been distributed to multiple community organizations including St. Margaret’s House, Elkhart Alano, Faith Mission, Honduras Outreach, Humane Society, Loveway, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Salvation Army, Osolo Township Trustee (heat for the elderly), Susanna’s Kitchen, St. John’s Food Pantry, Church Community Services, ADEC, Shoe Tree Project at Madison School in South Bend, and the discretionary funds for our Bishop, Priest-in-Charge, and Deacon to be used for the needs of the local community, the diocese, and the church throughout the world.

Since 1983, the ECW has raised and given over $91,000 in outreach to the community.