Clergy & Leadership

Ministry Leadership

The Reverend Clay Berkley Parish Deacon

Deacon Clay Berkley is a son of the parish. Baptized at St. John’s – Elkhart, Deacon Clay’s family were charter members of the new little church on the north side of town. He was ordained to the diaconate in 2014. Since then he has lived fully into his ministry, holding the prayers of the church and pointing us all toward the community beyond our walls and tuning us to hear the Spirit of God guiding our mission in the world. On weekdays, Deacon Clay works at the University of Notre Dame.

Congregational Leadership


Margaret Cormican, Senior Warden     Michael Marcks, Junior Warden

Charlotte Burks, Treasurer            Margaret Cormican, Financial Secretary

Cynthia Guzzo, Assistant Treasurer                      Denise Rogers, Clerk


Class of 2022: Michael Jacka & Denise Rogers

Class of 2023: Doris Miller & Cynthia Guzzo

Class of 2024: Rebecca (Becky) Bowers & Mary Young-Marcks