Mission Trip to Honduras

mission trip

Missioners On-Site in Honduras

The Diocese of Nothern Indiana’s Companeros en Cristo mission to our companion diocese of Honduras took place from July 15 – 25, 2016. St David’s parishioner Michael Marcks joined that mission and helped to keep us abreast of the progress. You can read his and other missioners’ posts on their daily blog at http://companerosencristo.blogspot.com/2016/07/monday-july-25-2016.html


Michael Marcks shares photos of mission trip with parishioners

Companeros en Christo (Companions in Christ) is the name our of companion diocese committee. The Diocese of Honduras has been our companion since 1996. Anyone with a heart for mission is welcome to join us. Our mission is to be the hands of Christ in Honduras. We strive to build relationships, share our gifts and to receive the gifts the people of Honduras have to offer.

Recent projects include installing a water treatment plant providing safe water for up to 4,000 people and supporting a health infrastructure project by building efficient stoves, pilas (water cisterns) and a latrine. Last year, a structure was build to house a sewing cooperative for the women in the village of Delicias del Norte. Over the years we helped to build three churches, a chapel and a day care center – “Los Amiguitos de Jesus”. We have donated Bibles, Spanish prayer books, medicine, medical supplies, medical tests, surgery and helped to plant gardens.

To join the Companeros en Christo, please email Tim Skimina at t-skimina@northwestern.edu.

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